The Unique Rogue Nation, Japan

Rogue Nation – Japan

Japan has never declared a war, but has always sneak-attacked to begin a war, for example, in Imjin War, Russo-Japanese War, Sino-Japanese War, Pacific War, etc. About 400 years ago, Admiral YI, Sun-sin said that Japan is unbelievable because it has no loyalty or fidelity. Since then, sneak attacking has been one of the Japanese traditions.

Neutralized and Castrated Crimer

It looks like a mugger who in the consequence has been neutralized to be disabled from committing a crime.

Unbelievable Japan – We Believe Only the History

Is Japan a normal nation or may be able to become it? Nonsense. If Japan is allowed to have an army, it will become such robber again soon. Over 500 years of this unique rogue nation’s history proves such.

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